Constellation of Business Opportunities!

Trade fairs are resourceful events happening around the world in different repeating interims where new goods and services are introduced. The numbers of trade shows are consistently increasing worldwide. Therefore, it is vital for Exhibitors, visitors, Manufacture ,Importer, Exporter and buyers to get quick details to find the right trade exhibitions for themselves.

Global Trade Fairs Organization. is an expert platform provides detailed information to trade exhibitors regarding international exhibitions industry and services wise. We have creative, dynamic and dedicated team of professionals, who is always ready to assist exhibitors. GLOBAL TRADE FAIR ORG LLC. is our sister company in New York, USA.  We are the most successful platform for the exhibitors from many foreign countries including USA and Pakistan. We have been the part of attending trade expos since   25 years as consumer goods exhibitors, it’s import and export under the umbrella of the company named M/s Regal traders. Also, we are organizing trade shows and exhibitions since 2011 at international levels. Global Trade Fairs Organization  provides various details and assists our esteemed local and international exhibitors both from B2B and B2C sectors. Details include booking of hotels, shipment by sea and air, and procedures. Furthermore, we give assistant over the cultural awareness of event organizing in the foreign country, and guide our exhibitors to shape & style their products with a proper brand name before exhibiting them in exhibitions.


Global Trade Fairs Organization is a leading exhibition and event organizing company with vast experience and rich portfolio of B2B and B2C exhibitions, conferences, seminars and other trade events. Our international network is expanding to various regions of the world including Asia, Africa, Europe, Australia, Canada, and North & South America. Our trade shows and events have proven to be the engine of growth to country’s economy by creating business environments and opportunities for multinationals. We also encourage and facilitate national and international small, medium, and branded companies to showcase, promote and sell their products and services to clients and transfer their knowledge and expertise to the global village.


At Global Trade Fairs Organization we vigilantly assess all aspects of an event before it is added to the events calendar. We have the knowledge and expertise to organize large and small trade events internationally. We are passionate to enable events to reach their fullest potential through professional project management. Our diverse and flawless track record includes pre-scheduled meetings, working with high profile companies and associations to provide participants with productive results. Our qualified team starts signing contract deals with national and global trade show partners. GTFO carries unmatchable standards & experiences of organizing, managing the events & exhibitions at international platforms.