About Us

Global Trade Fairs Organization , Pakistan:

Global Trade Fairs Organization  owns the overall experience of 25 years to provide the best services in organizing and supervising local and international exhibitions. We are registered as a Trade Organizer in the Securities and Exchange Commission Governments of Pakistan under the company name of Global Trade Fairs (Pvt.) Ltd.  Not only in Pakistan we keep registration from GOP but also have USA registration as well as Organizers.

Many trade shows, conferences, seminars and exhibition events are in the credential of GTFO (Pvt.) Ltd. We have the combination of well-experienced professionals in the field of organizing, managing, designing, production, administration, evaluation, and timely readiness of Exhibition venues and events. We connect local and international traders, business personnel with other global sellers, buyers, importers & exporters, manufacturers, and distributors in quickly and cost effective manner.

Global Trade Fairs Organization is a privately-owned business that has capacity and capability to organize memorable trade fairs and dynamic reward and recognition events. We are Pakistan based and support clients around the country, providing them an opportunity to introduce them as world class exhibitors on a worldwide basis. We pride ourselves on our ability to perfectly match client's requirements with our resources and capabilities as an international event organizing company. Our exposure to international trade fairs and strategic solutions help exhibitors achieve their specific goals. GTFO (Pvt.) Ltd. has successfully helped our numerous members to achieve their business goals by exploring potential business opportunities in global markets and eventually, it increases their country’s GDP rate.


GLOBAL TRADE FAIR ORG LLC also works with USA manufacturers, suppliers, traders and exhibitors in North and South American regions. GLOBAL TRADE FAIR ORG.LLC owns a branch in New York, USA. We are a registered as Trade Organizer at the State of New York , Government of United States of America as a name of Global Trade Fair Org LLC USA.

Our direct set up in North America caters American, Canadian, Mexican, and other South American exhibitors. If you are living and manufacturing products and services in North & South America then can directly communicate with our highly market updated professional team members to discuss your business prospects through international trade fairs opportunities. We offer the best facilities and expertise in making your businesses international trade events successful.

Our Philosophy

Regal traders became our aspiration to start GTFO., as we have been manufacturing ,exporting and attending international trade shows since 1991 as consumer goods traders. There we analyzed various issues experienced by other fellow exhibitors. We initiated a plan to start GTFO (Pvt.) Ltd., to organize and facilitate those national and global exhibitors in organizing their events. Now we can proudly claim that we have turned a concept into reality. With over two and half decades of experience, our knowledge in event management and technical expertise is exceeded by our passion for perfection. We bring unparalleled originality, ingenuity, talent and vision to each project, and treat each exhibition and trade show as a pioneering enterprise. We believe that with smart, two-way communication, stronger talent and resources. The execution is the easy part. We work with our local and international clients to make sure their goals meet at every step.


To endeavor making International Clients Brands’ top leaders worldwide. To help in building Pakistani economy strong and project it’s soft image worldwide. To exhibit indigenous and international exhibitors in trade shows and promote their products & services on international forums to expand their business portfolios.


To identify and meet the needs of Pakistani and Global exhibitors in staging their businesses on international forums. To create & streamline the perfect networking of direct interaction between potential buyers and sellers at B2B & B2C levels.